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                  The new pattern of cooperation to create a special equipment

                  Release time: 2016-05-12 9:17:20

                  In 17, the Xiamen Municipal Association of special equipment and the Taiwan Association of machinery and equipment on both sides of the Taiwan Straits signed a" special ( Mechanical ) equipment inspection and detection technology of intention of cooperation".


                  The pilot, focusing on the establishment of exchange mechanisms, exchange of personnel to carry out special ( Mechanical ) equipment inspection and test security and technical exchanges, study around ( machinery ); special equipment inspection and detection of safety and technology to carry out academic exchanges, technical conferences; with both advantages, development and application of special ( Mechanical ) equipment inspection safety energy-saving technology, new equipment, timely to cross-strait business promotion; according to cross-strait special ( Mechanical ) inspection equipment safety and technical cooperation demand and complementary projects, actively seek the establishment of a broad cooperation, realize the complementary advantages.


                  The personage inside course of study points out, at present equipment of special type of Xiamen each year to 15% - 20% of the speed of rapid growth, mechanical total station building has reached52000, wherein the pressure pipeline reached more than 2600 kilometers, Taiwan has said, I hope to set up branches in Xiamen, green economy service concept into Xiamen.

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