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                  Engineering machinery sales into the bottom stage look forward to the three major investment

                  Release time: 2016-05-12 9:14:49

                  The aftermath of the global financial crisis in four trillion, driven by investment, industry of machinery of our country project presents the leap-forward development, production and sales volume year after year to record high. However, this high growth pattern will be temporarily ends, because the fixed asset investment growth rate declined, since this year mechanical engineering products sales decline, demand will lead the industry into the bottom stage.


                  Selling season travel

                  " The new project is very limited, the stock of the project by funding constraints is very obvious. The engineering is mechanical April sales data fell worsening trend basically stopped, but companies generally reflect demand gradually enter the off-season". In May, independent research institution of engineering machinery dealer CEBM company undertook survey, the busy season is not as prominent phenomenon.


                  According to the experience, as the project start in succession, annual 3-4 month should be engineering machinery sales season.

                  But the fact is, March parts of construction machinery breed sales volume picks up somewhat, but did not appear on the release phenomenon of downstream demand. The latest sales figures for April show, engineering machinery industry has shown a link up double-down situation.


                  Through the data can see, policy of macroscopical adjusting control brings the influence is not as preset tuning and disappeared or reduced. At the beginning of this year, credit policy to some extent, drove industrial consumables demand, expression is a quarter of the crop is added fast rebound or rise. However, engineering machinery downstream industry is still in the relatively weak state, April data of landslide announced first-half sales plunged a foregone conclusion.


                  Monita's research report said, partial investigation object reflects the current project funding chain has to dealers less impact, a lot of machinery and equipment rental and leasing idle prices led to the increased rate of overdue. With Shanxi province some homemade crane brand dealers as an example, in April, May sales increase was mainly aggressive promotion policy driven by real demand, and no growth. Because the industry a large number of credit sales leads to lease rent prices fell sharply, the dealer customers overdue ratio has been as high as 25%.


                  Looking forward to the three large investment "to save the market"For this year's overall market conditions, project machinery industry will depend on the level of demand will gradually improve.


                  Aerospace securities research report that, expected engineering machinery market will with policy and structural adjustment, release, investment demand gradually put in place, showing a" slowly upward.".


                  Three major areas of change in investment decision will become the boom of construction machinery industry is the important factors. First of all, according to the Ministry of housing and urban-rural development goals in 2012, low-income housing plans to start a new set of 7000000, basically completed5000000 sets, plus the current construction of low-income housing nearly10000000 sets. In general, second, third quarters of real estate construction accounted for about 65% of the year, the municipal real estate construction project will start on excavators and other product sales played a supporting role.


                  Secondly, the railway ministry in 2011, indebted rate is as high as 60.62%, in the tense capital under the influence of a quarter, railway fixed assets investment scale is less than expected, drop compared to the same period 51%. In the recently held a State Council executive meeting, put forward to advance"925" scale key project construction, encourage private capital to invest in other important content, railroad became the most obvious field benefit. In a number of support policies under the common action of the railway construction, is expected to ease the tense capital bottleneck. Once the railroad built in continued construction speed, for engineering machinery sales drive will be very significant.


                  In addition, water conservancy construction will affect the engineering machinery industry is one of the important factors.

                  According to the plan,"925" during construction of water conservancy investment of about 1.8yuan, is expected this year irrigation works to invest about 350000000000yuan -4000billion yuan, of which construction projects accounted for approximately78% of the total input.


                  Overall, the impact of macro-control policies gradually is that project machinery industry appears differentiation, industry leading enterprises, the impact was significantly smaller, is a large enterprise initially completed the expansion of overseas markets, ensure that the performance of relatively stable; on the other hand, in a highly competitive market environment, enterprises through the industrial structure, marketing mode adjustment, maintaining a relatively high gross margin level.

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